Body Pros Special Offer:

We are offering up to a 6 month interest free payment plan for whatever patient responsibility you may have (deductible, co-pays, percentages). We will work with you to come up with a plan to enable you to have the therapy you need. Please mention this to the front desk.

We know that this financial crisis has greatly impacted many of us. Body Pros does not want your health to suffer.

Body Pros Physical Therapy centers its practice on a manual / exercise program. A hands-on approach to assessment and treatment of certain kinds of physical conditions is the hallmark of a quality manual physical therapist practice.  A manual physical therapist addresses conditions that affect muscles, fascia, nerves and joints. Stretching, therapeutic massage, joint mobilization and myofascial release are specific techniques that are used in manual physical therapy in an effort to reduce pain, restore range of motion, and health.

Patients that are referred by their physician to Body Pros Physical Therapy can have a variety of musculoskeletal disorders treated. Usually they are neck / back injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, sprains / strains, core stabilization program and exercise description. As patients obtain their goals in physical therapy, they are also taught home exercise programs and are given strategies for preventing additional injuries.

Our sports medicine program provides physical rehabilitation to active individuals of all ages, from the professional, collegiate, and high school athlete to the weekend warrior or senior athlete. Click Here to see a few photos of the Alpharetta rehab equipment. Our staff specializes in caring for most musculoskeletal injuries, especially the unique injuries that occur in athletics.